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15-year old Sam Trottier decides to make a film after he finds a box of his mom's videotapes hidden in their attic from the summer of 2006. The tapes show Sam's mom Casey documenting herself working on one last project before saying goodbye to her childhood home — the same summer her new neighbors moved in.

Partying With My High School Teacher

Elle's high school teacher just retired, so Elle decided to bring her to a high school party.

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I Trapped My Friend In A Horror Film

Elle’s friend Hazel writes and directs horror films. So in the spirit of Halloween, Elle decides it might be fun for Hazel to actually be in one... without real.

I Turned My Mom's House Into A Frat

Elle's mom just bought a new house so Elle decided to get her the best housewarming gift a mom could ask for.

Burnt Out At 19