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Between us and them

Artist MALINDA explores her family’s relationship to war through the stories of her grandmother, her mother, and her own life in a series of vignettes- the moments that have been seared into her family memory. The moments where we take on the weight of the world, and yet we still feel miles and miles away from it all.

Don't Make Me

MALINDA’s “Don’t Make Me” is a pop music fairytale in which a newly-wedded princess discovers her prince’s plot to kill her. The song explores the villain that lives in all of us and what happens when that villain is forced to make an appearance. The video features fellow YouTuber Thomas Sanders, beautiful costumes and exhilarating sword fights.

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Surrender is a snapshot the journey of a relationship involving post-traumatic stress and mental illness. The song and the choreography tell a story of a relationship that navigates the complexities of care-giver and receiver, the struggles that both go through, and the quiet love and strength that keeps them together.