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November 9th, Drake Hotel, Toronto

┬áDigital First Canada is proud to be a part of BUFFER FESTIVAL. Join some of Canada’s top Creators, Industry Experts and Policy Makers as they discuss the Canadian Creator Economy

DFC Summit Nov 9th at The Drake Hotel: Toronto EARLY BIRD $79

Who Should Attend



Canadian Digital Creators interested in learning from their peers, hearing from industry experts and networking.



Professionals who work within the Canadian Creator Economy and want to connect with Canadian Creators


Policy Makers

Government, Funders and Policy Makers that want to grow their understanding of Canada's Digital Creators

Program Highlights

Hear from platform executives including TikTok and YouTube and how they are working to enable and grow Canadian success stories.

Learn from the pro’s on how to generate and diversify revenue, protect your IP and work with brands and advertisers.

Canada is large country but Canadian Creators are winning on a global scale. Hear from creators across Canada on how they are doing it.

In the wake of Bill C11, what funding programs are available to Canadian Creators and what might be coming up in the next few years.

Hear from some of Canada’s best Digital Creators and how they launched their businesses into another stratosphere by finding their customers online.

#billc11 #billc18 and the impending “Online Harms” legislation. What Canadian laws are in place and coming up that could effect the Creator economy.

Coffee and pastries? check

Lunch and snacks? check

Cocktail reception? check.

Plenty of time to connect with people and build your network.

Full schedule and speakers will be announced soon, but it will be a jammed packed day of awesome.

Speakers: Coming Soon


Predict, Discuss & Invent The Canadian Creator Economy